Zathura (Throw The Dice!)

- Pandemonium
Released: N/A Genres: Rock
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Lyric "Zathura (Throw The Dice!)"


Pandemonium was a popular hard rock/metal band on the L.A. music scene during the 1980's that had the distinction of being the first band from Alaska to ever get a recording contract Formed in 1978 in Fairbanks, Alaska by brothers David Resch/Lead guitar, Chris Resch/Lead Vocals and occasional guitar, and Eric Resch/ Bass and vocalsPandemonium (USA), they got their start playing a mix of cover tunes by groups such as Black Sabbath, Rush, Budgie, Thin Lizzy etcPandemonium (USA), at backyard keggers, festivals and various bars.

Albums of Pandemonium (1)