You Won't Have To Cry (Alternate Version)

- The Byrds
Released: 1965 Genres: Rock
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Lyric "You Won't Have To Cry (Alternate Version)"

Oh you know it makes me sad to see you feel so bad
But it's happened to you many times before
But if you will come with me, then girl you will see
That you won't have to cry anymore

There's no reason to feel blue because of what he says to you
And I wouldn't want to see you hurt no more
I could never do you wrong 'cause my love for you is too strong
And you won't have to cry anymore

Oh I saw you there with tears in your eyes
Because he told you so many lies
Of you know it isn't right to put yourself uptight
By thinking about the things he's done before
Just trust your love in me and girl you will see that
You won't have to cry
No, you won't have to cry
No, you won't have to cry anymore

The Byrds

The Byrds

The Byrds were an American rock band, formed in Los Angeles, California in 1964. The band underwent multiple line-up changes throughout its existence, with frontman Roger McGuinn (known as Jim McGuinn until mid-1967) remaining the sole consistent member, until the group disbanded in 1973