With You

Released: 2011 Genres: Rap / Hip Hop
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Lyric "With You"

It's crazy, I never want this feeling to end
This is what it means to be friends
Only when I'm hanging with you
All my dreams come true because
It's crazy, I never want this feeling to end
This is what it means to be friends
Only when I'm hanging with you
(Check it, check it, check it out)
All my dreams come true because

[Verse 1]
Yo, it was all a dream, I used to play chess at the coffee bean
And as my coffee steamed I thought about my life and my love to dream
It's so sick and I'm startin' to mix thanks to AM; rest in piece banana split
Was the place we all went Sundays, to make people feel this way we would one day
And I remember when you gave me the secret, popped in the DVD and peeped it
And if you dreamin' you achivin', after that it was a wrap
And now I walk in the club like a million times
Spit on the mic like a million rhymes
We party rock to a billion drops and this shot makes one zillion shots
Yes I'm feelin' good, and we the best I'm feelin' good
And in your breast are feelin' good, ha-ha LMFAO
I'm a pro with this party thang
I love Cherry Tree Cola and Bacardi mayne
Hey, I've been the same before the start of fame
The only that has changed is we changed the game
You and I and the crew that I roll with
It's gonna be the the same crew I grow old with
Memories fade like old leather
But the music that we make gonna last forever... legacy


[Verse 2]
(Check it)
I feel like flyin', on top of my game and I ain't even tryin'
Nowadays I'm stylin' and when she naked it I feel like cryin'
It's better than I hoped it'd be
I walk down the street and people notice me
No body was as broke as me
They say you never get nowhere smokin' weed
So I roll one up I stepped on a landmine blowin' up
And I ain't never growin' up
And if the party rocks then you know it's us
Me and foo in the club straight posted-up
Back when I wasn't old enough
Now bottles all night when we rollin' up
Cheers it's a toast to us
Oh, we winnin' now
My whole lifes been changed since then and now
My fans show love and women shout
Make me feel like I'm the man
All of my friends n' my fans say don't let em change you
Been from London to Japan and I'm still the same dude
And he's still the same Foo
Struggles we came through
Stuck with our team and our dream and look how it came true




LMFAO was an American hip hop-electronic dance music duo consisting of uncle and nephew Redfoo and SkyBlu. Their name was an initialism of "laughing my fucking ass off". LMFAO's members are descendants of Motown Records founder Berry Gordy, Jr.. RedFoo and SkyBlu grew up in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, where they formed the group LMFAO in 2006 and later became part of the electro house scene. LMFAO started building a local buzz through its shows and radio play. In 2010, it was featured on David Guetta's smash hit "Gettin' Over You", which charted all over Europe and the U.S., including…