We Run This Town

- Luke Bryan
Released: 2013 Genres: Country
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Lyric "We Run This Town"

Seventeen, we owned those streets 
Parking lot, that was our spot 
That’s where we’d always meet 
And we’d roll on out in a pickup truck parade
Stake our claim with a fire in a field in the middle of Nowhere, USA
We’d light the midnight up 


We'd drive too fast
We'd get too loud
We thought we made the world go ‘round 
Nothin’ but a bunch of time to kill
Set up on the big hill
Make a toast, drink it down
Say, yeah man, we run this town 


All the girls next door
They’d meet us out there
They couldn’t wait to get away
And come and let down their hair
We were rough around the edges
They were sweet as they could be
They were way too good
But they still let us steal a little kiss before they’d leave 
Guess they thought we were cool because 


We'd drive too fast
We'd get too loud
Yeah, we thought we made the world go ‘round 
Drop it down in four-wheel
Set up on a big hill 
And make a toast, drink it down
Say, yeah man, we run this town 


From crazy kids to dirt road kings
Oh, we didn’t know nothin'
But we knew everything 


[Repeat Chorus]


High five and look around
Damn right, we run this town 
Man, I love this town
Come on

Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan


Thomas Luther "Luke" Bryan (born July 17, 1976), is an American country music singer and songwriter. Bryan began his musical career in the mid 2000s, writing songs for his longtime friends from high school, performers Travis Tritt and Billy Currington and releasing his first Spring Break album. After signing with Capitol Nashville in Nashville, Tennessee in 2007 with his cousin, Chad Christopher Boyd, he released the album I'll Stay Me, which included the singles "All My Friends Say", "We Rode in Trucks", and "Country Man". The follow-up album Doin' My Thing included "Do I", which Bryan co-wrote with Charles Kelley…