We Gettin' Down (Live)

- Jamiroquai
Released: 1995 Genres: Blues / Jazz
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Lyric "We Gettin' Down (Live)"

Were gettin down...
Aw hit em' now
Aw now, just gettin down
Hey a just get down
And, and just get down, and party
I like the way you party, i like the way you party
I like the way you move
I like the way you groove
And just glide, temptation
Aint gut no frustration
Coz were gettin down....

Now get that fuckin Groove
Can ya get down
Get on down, get on up
Were Gettin down...

Hey do you wanna get down hey



Jamiroquai are a British funk and acid jazz band formed in 1992. Fronted by lead singer Jay Kay, Jamiroquai were initially the most prominent component in the London-based funk/acid jazz movement, alongside groups such as Incognito, the James Taylor Quartet, and the Brand New Heavies. Subsequent albums have explored other musical directions such as pop, rock, and electronica.