- K. Michelle
Released: 2013 Genres: R&B / Soul
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Lyric "V.S.O.P."

[Verse 1]
Hit the lights
Can't let no one see me get down
It's alright
I know they think I get around
You and I
Got something they can't know about
Really only heaven knows my heart
You know this ain't an ordinary love
We got so much histray in the stories about us
So come on over baby

We gon' light some candles tonight
Very special
We gon' do whatever you like
Very special
Got some henney chillin' on ice
Very Special
Hope you make the rest of my life
Very Special
Very Special
All Night

[Verse 2]
Warm my bed
It's a little cold on your shoulder
Mama said
I will understand when I'm older
In my head
Even if you tell me it's over
I'll pretend you told me I'm your all


He ain't suppose to be with you
That's what everybody gon' tell me
But I really can't count on what everybody gon' tell me
She ain't seen her baby in couple days, and I'm looking at my baby right up in his face
Flowers and gifts, restaurants
I swear he buy me anythang I want
That's why I'm so quick to
Put that music on for him, listen to it baby!


K. Michelle

K. Michelle

Kimberly Michelle Pate, better known by her stage name K. Michelle, is an American R&B singer, a songwriter, a television personality, a guitarist[2] and a pianist. In 2009, she signed a contract deal with Jive Records, released her R&B-charting single "Fakin' It" featuring Missy Elliott,[3] and later put out three R&B singles that all have charted: "Fallin'", "I Just Can't Do This", and "How Many Times", before she left Jive Records. In 2012, Michelle garnered further attention by appearing in VH1's reality series Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.