Vast Lands Infernal Gates

- Anata
Released: N/A Genres: Rock
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Lyric "Vast Lands Infernal Gates"
Vast Lands / Infernal Gates

Sentenced to a life after death in pains
I will not be
As the book of lies suggests
Its basis are unworthy and twisted
By the holy men

Death is older
So are the dimensions
Onto which we shall travel
True servants will be rewarded
As they follow their master's will
Disregarded of to whom
They devote their lives

I shall not listen to the holy lord
If he calls my name
Trying to pull me towards his kingdom
I will choose to die by my own hand

The promise failed
The one of forgiving the unfaithful
Let us stay inside our walls
Sheltered from the holy lies
True servants will be rewarded
As they follow their master's will

This is what we learned
This is what I preach

Eager to view the other side
When the lord calls my name

Then what is my destiny
What will my reward be
Vast lands... I will be a shadow king
Or infernal gates
With its hidden pleasures to reveal

But what is said
Should never be regarded
As that I follow Him personified
He is merely an expression
For the force that I indulge

The strongest power above all
My truest emotion
My only friend and all I have
To fill my emptiness
To make me come true

Reward in advance
Lies in self-fulfillment
I levitate by serving only myself
To rise above all
I tread the souls of the weak

Then what is to be awaited
Of this we do not know
The only certainty
True servants will be rewarded
As they follow their master's will
And I follow my own
And with reward in advance I levitate
We struggle towards the end
Serving the one to be served
Achieving what has to be achieved

With delight we await that very day


Anata is a technical death metal band from Varberg, Sweden that formed in 1993. To date, they have released two demos, four albums and a split album with Bethzaida. In 2005, they completed recordings for an album titled The Conductor's Departure, released in June 2006 on Earache Records/Wicked World Records.