Use Me

- Scott Walker
Released: 1973 Genres: Rock
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Lyric "Use Me"

My friends feel it's their appointed duty
They keep tryin' to tell me
All you really wanna do is use me

Hey, but my answer to all that 'use me' stuff
I wanna spread the news that if it feels this good bein' used
Go on and use me - 'til you use me all up

My brother sit me right down and a-talked to me
He told me that I ought not to let ya just walk on me
I'm sure he meant well, yeah - but when our talk was through
I said: 'brother, if you only knew - you'd wish that you were in
My shoes'
You just kee usin' me
Go on and use me all up
Hey- use me all up

Sometimes it's true, hey - you really do abuse me
You get me in a crowd o' high class people
And you act real rude to me
Well, baby, baby, baby - when you love me, I can't get enough

Uh-huh, well I wanna psread the news
That if it feels this good bein' used - go on and use me
Hey - 'til you use me all up
God, use me all up
You really do abuse me
All you gotta do is use me

Baby, baby, baby
Baby, baby, baby

Scott Walker

Scott Walker

Scott Walker (born Noel Scott Engel; January 9, 1943) is an American-born British singer-songwriter, composer and record producer. He is noted for his distinctive baritone voice and for the unorthodox career path which has taken him from 1960s pop icon to 21st century avant-garde musician.