Together, Burning Bright!

- Take It Back
Released: N/A Genres: Rock
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Lyric "Together, Burning Bright!"
Take It Back

Take It Back

Take It Back! was an American Christian hardcore band. They come from Fayetteville, Arkansas. The band started making music in 2005, and disbanded in 2009. Their membership was vocalist, Nick Thomas, guitarists, Daniel Hawkins and Cody Bradley, and drummer, Josh Huskey. The band released an extended play, Rumors of Revolt, in 2009, with Facedown Records. Their first studio album, Can't Fight Robots, was released by Facedown Records, in 2008. The subsequent studio album, Atrocities, was released by Facedown Records, in 2009, as their final recording.

Albums of Take It Back (2)