The Test For Leprosy

- Tourniquet
Released: 1990 Genres: Rock
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Lyric "The Test For Leprosy"

[Verse 1]
Under the law
Set by Almighty God
The priests had the power
To change your destiny
Festering boils
Chronic disease
For seven days
Complete isolation

[Chorus 1] x2
The test for leprosy
Find you unclean

[Verse 2]
Consigned to neglect
Outside the city gates
You tear all your clothes
And cover your face
One hope you have
Your sores will turn white
Through ritual atonement
Pronounce you clean

[Chorus 2] x2
The test for leprosy
Heal the unclean

Leprosy, leprosy
Leprosy, leprosy

We are all like lepers
Without Christ's love in us
Let him heal you, let him
Will you let him love you?



Tourniquet is a Christian metal band that was formed in 1989 by Ted Kirkpatrick, Guy Ritter and Gary Lenaire in Los Angeles, California, United States. The band primarily performs a mixture of thrash, neoclassical and progressive metal, and is influenced by additional, non-rock forms of music such as classical and world music. It has earned six GMA Dove Award nominations and won multiple recognitions from the readers of HM Magazine, including "Favorite Band of the 1990s" and "Favorite Album of the 1990s" for Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance. It has released seven studio albums, one compilation album, one EP, one acoustic album,…