The First Day Of Summer

- Tony Carey
Released: 1984 Genres: Rock
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Lyric "The First Day Of Summer"

The First Day Of Summer
Tony Carey

Well The Kid and me were the team to beat
We could stand up to the big boys
Generate some heat
And we never thought nothin' about
Livin on the streat back then

Yes sir, we lied a little
And we maybe stole some
Sayin "Southern CA here we come"
And we took off down the highway sayin'
Never goin' back again

It was on the first day of summer
We were the number one outfront runner
On the first day of summer
Nothin feels the same
And it feels so good
It was on the first day of summer
It was on the first day of summer
On the first day of summer
The whole world knows your name
And it feels so good

Now the kid was drivin and I rode shotgun
We were splittin up the money
From our number ones

Beatin' time to the radio
Yes I'm gonna be someone

Campin' by the road out in Santa Fe
The kid stole the keys and he drove away
I wound up washin' dishes at a a Holiday Inn
Sometime I wonder what became of him

Repeat chorus

Tony Carey

Tony Carey

Anthony Lawrence Carey (born October 16, 1953, Watsonville, California) is an American-born, European-based musician, composer, producer, and singer/songwriter. One of his earliest musical experiences was in a band called Blessings, in which he played until 1975 when Ritchie Blackmore hired him as keyboardist for Rainbow. He played with Rainbow on two world tours, until 1977. After his departure from Rainbow, he began a solo career, releasing albums under his own name as well under the pseudonym Planet P Project, and producing for and performing with other artists.