- Nas
Released: 2008 Genres: Rap / Hip Hop
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Lyric "Testify"

[Nas] *talking
I want to dedicate this song right here
To Jonathan Jackson and George Jackson
Peace to those brothers


I want to shout out my man Sherm the Worm
Eighty years
Come home nigga
Come home, niggers



[Verse 1]
I just burnt my American flag
And sent three cracker Nazis to hell and I'm sad
Ugh, I'm loading tefs in my mag
To send these redneck bigots some death in a bag
Choke him out with his confederate flag
I know these devils are mad
Little rap fans who live way out in safe suburbia
Would you stand with me, a United States murdurer?


*sings (Testifyyyyy for me)
Huh? Would you Testify?
You buy my songs
You buy my songs
But will you ride with me?
*sings (Testifyyyyy for me)
You understand my struggle
That's what you claim right?
*sings (Testifyyyyy for me)
Then get your aim right
And get your game tight


[Verse 2]
Don't buy my songs, y'all don't roll with it
Coming to concerts singing ho and shit
Fuck y'all lil' lil' ho bitches
I don't need y'all, I'll go gold with it
I heard y'all was downloading it (heh)
Like I'm y'all man who be exposing shit (heh)
Like uhh, William Cooper
Who told you the Pale Horse is the future


*sings (Testifyyyyy for me)
Would you testify on some realness like that?
I think you scared (heh)
I don't think you prepared
*sings (Testifyyyyy for me)
You know what I'm asking you?
*sings (Testifyyyyy for me)
Do you know what I'm asking you? (*laughs)
*sings (Testifyyyyy for me)
*sings (Testifyyyyy for me)
*sings (Testifyyyyy for me)



Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, better known by his stage name Nas /ˈnɑːz/, is an American hip hop recording artist, record producer, actor and entrepreneur. The son of jazz musician Olu Dara, Nas has released eight consecutive Platinum and Multi-Platinum albums and sold over 25 million records worldwide since 1994