Tennessee River

- Alabama
Released: 1993 Genres: Country
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Lyric "Tennessee River"

[Verse 1]
I was born across the river
In the mountains where I call home
Lord, times were good there
Don't know why I ever roamed

Oh, Tennessee River and a mountain man
We get together anytime we can
Oh, Tennessee River and a mountain man
We play together in Mother Nature's band

[Verse 2]
This mountain King done left his throne
On the Tennessee River and His mountain home
But I'm going back, Leaving today
For my homeland so far away
Driving to Dixie, wasting no time
Back to the good life I left behind
Going down to the river with my fishing line
Climb back up the mountain by supper time


[Verse 3]
Me and my woman's done made our plans
On the Tennessee River, walking hand in hand
Going to raise a family, Lord, settle down
Where peace and love can still be found