Tear Down The Wall

- Sinner
Released: 1990 Genres: Rock
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Lyric "Tear Down The Wall"

I see your face, smiling from a picture
I remember you, so many tears have fallen down

How long did I try to forget you
I throw away my pride, but the fire's still there

We hide our love and we'll find a way
But I don't need another heartbreak

Tear down the wall [2]
Tear down the wall and answer me
Tear down the wall [2]
Between us

Enough is enough, you took it too far
And I'd really sold my soul for you

How long 'til you wake up your mind
I can't wait any longer

If you're strong enough
Just call my name
But I don't need another heartbreak

Are you strong enough
Then call my name
But I don't need another heartbreak



Sinner are a German heavy metal band formed by vocalist and bassist Mat Sinner in 1982 (who later joined Primal Fear). They were part of the German heavy/speed/power metal scene. Their latest album, One Bullet Left, was released in 2011.