Tchu Tchu Tcha

- Pitbull, Enrique Iglesias
Released: 2013 Genres: Rap / Hip Hop
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Lyric "Tchu Tchu Tcha"

(Intro - Pitbull)
Caperucita Roja, a donde tu va?
Pa lavante la thcu tchu tchu tcha
Wow como ha cambiado este cuento
Pero me gusta

(Chorus - Enrique)
I’m picking you, you what I want
I want your thcu thca tcha tchu tchu thca
Thcu thca tcha tchu tchu thca
I’m picking you, you what I need
I need your thcu thca tcha tchu tchu thca
Thcu thca tcha tchu tchu thca

(Verse 1 - Pitbull)
..I love to teach you, I love to freak you
She loves religions its cool baby, find a preacher (Amen)
She wants control..
She wants a contract mhm how..
To be honest I just wanna fuck to say at least

(Pre-Chorus - Pitbull)
I know you wanna give me a piece of that ass
I can see it in your eyes yeah yeah yeah
And you can try, you can try to fight
But you gonna say yeah yeah yeah

(Chorus) 2x

(Verse 2 - Pitbull)
You know my reputation
We ain’t gotta talk about it baby I feel about it
I ain’t got no patience so..we’re here for a good time
So let’s take a..
And let em fuck you blind


(Chorus) 2x

(Bridge - Enrique)
If you, you know
How much I want you right now
Girl I’m on the line see you come around
I want you right now

(Chorus) 2x



Armando Christian Pérez, (born January 15, 1981) better known by his stage name Pitbull, is an American rapper. His first recorded mainstream performance was on a solo track from Lil Jon's 2002 album Kings of Crunk, which featured Pitbull rapping over Jon's production. In 2004, Pitbull released his debut album titled M.I.A.M.I. (backronym for Money Is A Major Issue), under TVT Records; the album included production from high-profile producers Lil Jon and Jim Jonsin