Taste For Blood

- Tom Morgan
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Lyric "Taste For Blood"
Tom Morgan

Tom Morgan

Thomas Martin "Tom" Morgan (born 3 March 1970) is an Australian musician and songwriter. He fronted the 1990s indie pop group, Smudge (1991–present). He has written or co-written (with Evan Dando) songs for Boston power pop group, the Lemonheads. Morgan's other bands include Sneeze (1993–2006, 2009-present), The Givegoods, Godstar (1991–95), Tofu Kok and Bambino Koresh (ca. 2012). He married Argentine-Spanish musician, Leticia Nischang (Sneeze, Bambino Koresh). As of September 2010, Morgan and Nischang were living in Maitland

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