- Nick Howard
Released: N/A Genres: Pop
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Lyric "Superhero"
I know you're scared
about what's hiding round the corner
and I hate it, yes I do, when I see your tears.
But I'm here, yes I'm here.
So put your head up on my shoulders
cause I'll be more than you need.
But I can't be your majesty, uuh yeah.
I make mistakes and I've gone back on my word.
So take my hand, I fly us off this earth.

Cause now we're gonna fly above the clouds tonight
and should be on the stars.
Gonna world escape and show you what a superhero does.
No matter if we're scared up here,
with you I don't look down.
But you can be my angel and now
I'll be your superhero.
Now I'll be your superhero.

I know it's hard
and I can't see with all the crossroads
but there's more, so much more
that I wish I could explain
but I can't wait, no I can't wait
for us to start in the next chapter
where I'm playing a part of heart
and you'll be my mistake.
I know I'm not perfect but I'm trying to change.
If I take off this disguise I might just safe you today.
Nick Howard

Nick Howard

Nick Howard (born 24 April 1982, Brighton) is an English singer-songwriter who has released four studio albums since 2008 and played over 1000 shows across the world. His music has been featured on Pretty Little Liars, Switched At Birth, The Hills, Jersey Shore, Next, True Life, Cougar Town, 90210, LA Ink, Greek and Army Wives.