- Falls
Released: 2016 Genres: Pop
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Lyric "Summer"

[Verse 1]
Travelling from season to season
Listening to weary hearts beating, yeah
And I'm tired, and glad to have reasons
To turn all back and keep on keeping, yeah

Oh my God
I think I've been waiting too long
Oh my God, I miss you
[Chorus x2]
It's been a long hard Summer
Can't wait to get back home
Can't wait to get back home

Somewhere in between places
I'd forgotten too many faces, yeah
And I'm hoping you'll still be waiting
Cause going it alone is so overrated, yeah


[Chorus x2]

Oh those roads I took they are paved with gold
And they rise and fall and before you know
all your dreams unfold and you just let go
cause they lead me back to you
To you
To you
To you
To you


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