- Sara K
Released: 2006 Genres: Blues / Jazz
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Lyric "Stars"

I thank my friend, Kiki, for painting pictures for this song. He knows about the moon and the stars. And coyotes. Having a place to hide so's you don't have to run anymore. or, at least, for a little while. When you look up at the stars it's a great reminder of how vast our universe is and what treasures there are still to be found
There's no name on the back of your belt
You're strong and you're sturdy but somethin ain't right
Most of the feelings you've ever felt
Cot lost in the early mornin light
& you know how to hold 'em, know how to hold 'em tight
Rumors don't phase you, they draw and erase you
Leave you Like signs in the rain
If nobody finds it and the paint has worn off of it
There's not much there to explain
'cept YOU know how to hold em, know how yo hold'em tight
& you know how to find me if you need somewhere to hide

Where you get stars on the ceiling, stars in your eyes
Stars that don't talk much 'til they fall from the sky
There's an old bed in the back of your truck and navajo blankets
And a bottle of jack
It looks like a suitcase and runs like a greyhound
Looks like it's been to the moon and back
And you know how to hold 'em, know how to hold'em tight
You know how to find me if you need somewhere to hide...

Sara K

Sara K

Sara K. (full name Sara Katherine Wooldridge) is an American singer-songwriter based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her music includes genres like blues, folk as well as jazz. She has released audiophile albums and played a custom 4-(bass)-string acoustic guitar. She withdrew from the music business in 2009.