Sputnik Stan

- Hawkwind
Released: 1999 Genres: Rock
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Lyric "Sputnik Stan"

They call me Spunik Stan
I view the Earth from a garbage can
I'm in Earth's orbit
It's a junk yard, man
It's just a job

I'm the satellite junk man
They call me Sputnik Stan
Space-ways maintenance man
I see a satellite about to fade
Got to collect
Weigh it in, and get paid

My name's Stan
I've been commissioned
By the alien Federation
To collect all those junk
Floating around in space
So don't you go nicking it
Cause it's all mine



Hawkwind are an English rock band and one of the earliest space rock groups. Their lyrics favour urban and science fiction themes. Formed in November 1969, Hawkwind have gone through many incarnations and they have incorporated different styles into their music, including hard rock, heavy metal, progressive rock and psychedelic rock. They are also regarded as an influential proto-punk band.