Speak Silence

- Darkseed
Released: 2005 Genres: Rock
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Lyric "Speak Silence"

Speak Silence

Lost, misguided minds, feverish dumb
I wonder how your life will end one day
Your soul is caught in a smiling web of sins
You bring the world to it's knees, again and again

Speak silence, the knife is mine

The knife is mine, your emptiness
Devouring life as stars are waning overhead
You celebrate with demons in your home
You put the world to an end, that's why I say:

Speak silence! You're just walking shades
Go away, back into your mental cage
Live silence! Keep your demons locked
in your mouth, and your head, go away
Speak silence!
There's no cure for your disease
Denn Du bist Mensch, and humans never learn
Live silence! I pierce my bloody knife
in your mouth, and your head, in your veins

Speak silence, the knife is mine
Speak silence, silence

Mine, mine, this knife is mine
You walk towards the end
Feel the coldness in your veins
Down, down, now you get down
Your body crumbles
This fiery pulse of sin now stops to beat
This knife is mine, the pain is your's
Your broken dreams complete
This knife is mine, hurting deep
Again and again I say:

The sun has set and I enjoy the void
Without you the silence is so sweet
All living beings are sinking down
The sky is vacant and I smile
Speak silence when I smile
Speak silence in my loneliness



Darkseed is a German gothic metal band, formed in 1992. Darkseed, beginning as a death metal band, took a more unconventional song writing method that aimed more towards the gothic experimental route. They changed their music to gothic metal on their first studio album Midnight Solemnly Dance.