Souls Unite

- Darkseed
Released: 2003 Genres: Rock
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Lyric "Souls Unite"

Souls Unite

you're waiting for the gates
to be raised
when you walk through
your life will change
time after evil
hour after fear
it's the moment in life
when souls unite
...souls will unite
when you close your eyes
souls will unite
then the sun will rise
summer's might

i will give you the key
open the gate to me
the sun will rise
let our souls unite

emptiness is driving you
tunnels you are wandering through
your thoughts will set you free
from your private misery
i want you to see my world
i will wait for you within
you will walk on flowered dreams
mile after mile

someday the sun will warm your face
and heat your soul
when you sit happily in the sand
and unite with the stars



Darkseed is a German gothic metal band, formed in 1992. Darkseed, beginning as a death metal band, took a more unconventional song writing method that aimed more towards the gothic experimental route. They changed their music to gothic metal on their first studio album Midnight Solemnly Dance.