Sky Is Ours

- Outlandish
Released: 2012 Genres: R&B / Soul
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Lyric "Sky Is Ours"

[Verse 1]
Radical society
Goodness there's no sincerity
Can't feed no one
Maybe not even one
They took away my liberty
When I'm through security
Let me know what's that
Feast as in you're black
Going through whatever
To fit it together
Tell me why we're all fighting for
Radical society
Good there no serenity
Can't feed no one
Maybe not even one

[Pre-Hook: x3]
Allah el baki bachala
En mumbai ma griajo
Felo de tonga Allah

They can have this Earth
This pile of dirt
But the sky is ours
They can have this Earth
This pile of dirt
But the sky is ours

[Verse 2]
Palabras y canciones son todo lo que ahora llevo yo
Son en tema musical de mi reflejo
Las cosas que he vivido son las cosas que me dan valor
Hacen que me puedan ver en el espejo
Estas cicatrices son lo que estoy
Estas experiencias son la que doy
Producto de la calle soy
Lo bueno y el lo malo soy
Estas son las cosas que me dan valor

[Pre-Hook: x3]


[Verse 3]
Yeah aye aye aye
Straight out the dirty dirt
It hurts if you sleep
So sit down 'cause you're blocking my cam rip
Son of the most fly
Peak AK to the eye
Who walked the green mount to your parking lot
Yo soy inmigrante no refugee
Bally will swag baby like we the king of the throne
Copy a movie give it a twist and we call it our own
A convicts creed and a concretes jungle see deep
Moulin callin' the sons of P I J's
Trought his daughter speak how she pleeds
It's the corner shot carnival
And you ain't here for free

[Hook: x2]



Outlandish is a hip-hop music group based in Denmark. Formed in 1997, it consists of Isam Bachiri (born in Denmark and of Moroccan background), Waqas Ali Qadri (da) (born in Denmark and of Pakistani background), and Lenny Martinez (da) (born in Honduras and of Cuban and Honduran descent). All three members are religious, with Isam and Waqas being Muslims and Lenny being Catholic.