She Wish She Was

- Jay 305, YG
Released: N/A Genres: Rap / Hip Hop
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Lyric "She Wish She Was"
[Hook - All:]
She wish she was a nigga
She wish she was a nigga
She wish she was a nigga
She wish she was a nigga
She wish she was a nigga

[Verse 1 - YG:]
Baby look in the mirror
You got your hair and your nails done
You fucking who you want, not thinking you was wrong
Bitch you wish you was a nigga
Damn you should be ashamed
Acting like those pussy lips can't hang
You been going against the grain
Your body is a temple, you going against the saint
Acting like you was innocent
But as soon as you get mad at your nigga you be with the shits
He just left the house and you calling quick
Who she calling? Some different dick
And you know that ain't lady like
Word around the town that pussy whack but head game nice
If that pussy ain't tight you ain't living right
I'm tryna give her some advice on life but...

[Hook - All:]
She wish she was a nigga
She wish she was a nigga
She wish she was a nigga
She wish she was a nigga
She wish she was a nigga

[Verse 2 - Jose Moses:]
Bitches gon' be acting like Bruce but they wanna be Cait
And I heard she fucked Drizzy, didn't even get paid
Damn, lowkey hoeing for a shoutout
She scheming on Wayne before he got out, groupie
You dropped outta school to be a stripper, be a stripper
This lil bitch be acting like a nigga, what
Last nigga said he was straight
Said every time he pulled up, she be pouring the eighth
Everytime he wanna chill, you got some friends over
To every nigga wanna fuck, you just bend over
Instagram selling clothes like a swapmeet
Can't go to no local malls you on the hot seat
Downtown going HAM with your tax check
You off every single drug, you a crack head
Mama told you to value your coochie
But traded that head for a hooptie, bitch

[Hook - All:]
She wish she was a nigga
She wish she was a nigga
She wish she was a nigga
She wish she was a nigga
(Nasty ass hoes, let me tell you about this bitch..)
She wish she was a nigga

[Verse - Jay 305:]
Why you always single? Why you think you so cute?
Why girls be calling hoes when they fuck a lot of dude?
Well shit, the answer is this
Y'all bleed once a month and all we got is a dick
Yo emoji was a flip, you know you a hoe bitch
Drinking on some Lemonade thinking she Beyonce, damn
Cheating on her fiance, damn
She getting with it off the powder at the Bombay
Always talking she ain't a hoe, she a hoe
Dropping her kids at granny house, she a hoe
On Snapchat, dog face, she a hoe
LA niggas ain't saving no hoes
The homegirl, the local hoodrat know all the niggas
Be bicken back with the Bloods but she be crippin'
Got drunk one night, tryna fight, this bitch be trippin'
If you was a nigga, you'd be a bitch nigga

She wish she was a nigga
(Bitch what you gotta say about this hoes)
She wish she was a nigga
(Boop ass bitches, m
Jay 305

Jay 305

Lonnie Kimble (born January 3, 1990), better known by his stage name Skeme, is an American rapper born and raised in Inglewood, California. Skeme has collaborated with various West Coast rappers such as the Black Hippy members, Bizzy Bone, The Game, Dom Kennedy, Nipsey Hussle, E-40, Casey Veggies and Problem among others. On October 16, 2012, Skeme released his debut studio album Alive & Living under RBC Records. His second studio album Ingleworld was released on December 17, 2013 by MADE Headlines. In July 2014, The Game announced that he had signed Skeme to Blood Money Entertainment. He also signed…

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