Scratch Introlude

- Musiq Soulchild
Released: 2000 Genres: R&B / Soul
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Lyric "Scratch Introlude"

Alright now
Now that we're in harmony
Everbody gather around
Check it out
Hey ladies get closer, fellas you know what to do (ho)
So put your hands together
So everbody in the place to be

We wanna do something really hot now

Musiq Soulchild

Musiq Soulchild

Taalib Johnson, professionally known as Musiq Soulchild or Musiq (/ˈmjuːsɪk/; born September 16, 1977[1]) is an American singer and songwriter whose style blends R&B, funk, blues, jazz, gospel influences fused with hip hop.