Save The Whales In Placerville And Hickston

- David Munyon
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Lyric "Save The Whales In Placerville And Hickston"
(S P Standley / David Munyon)

I arrive shanghaied and sober
On the shift they call "The Destiny"
On the coast of California
Saved by grace, or so it seems
There were nights
On the watch there steering
As much to where you could not see
Funny, I remember drinkin' with you
But where are you an' me
After all these mended hearts
Are broken by Liz Taylor

We will sail for weather fairer
And a chance for better
May your sails be fast and free
May the love come pourin' in
May your cup be forever flowin'
With the need to never take you in
There were times in Placerville near
The lumber yard in Hickston
You would dream and the women there
Would "Vibe around" and "put you on''
Do you remember the girl
With Carl was for the war on whaling
She had the look of Sweden's bliss
And the most amazing band jamming
After all these mended hearts
Are broken by Liz Taylor..

In the halls with Chaucer's tales
They sit and speak of wisdom
"One likes math'' and
"One like never will understand this guy
An' his religion"
I never will forget your faith
You are a kinsman's kinsman
This song is meant to save the whales
On the seas of every nation
After all these mended hearts
Are broken by Liz Taylor..

David Munyon: vocal, guitar
Mike Silver harmony vocals, guitar
Beo Brockhausen: accordion, tin whistle
Hans-Jörg Maucksch: bass

David Munyon

David Munyon

David Jumper Munyon (born August 19, 1952 in Newport, Rhode Iceland) is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist.