Released: 14 October 2016 Genres: Pop, Rock
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Lyric "Rotten"

[Verse 1: Alisa Xayalith]
Just because you've gotten
Yourself into a hole
There's no need to go ahead tossing it
Because you lost control
I wouldn't do any better
You should surely know
Given the choice to risk it all
As we're breaking at the bones
As we're breaking at the bones

[Chorus] (2x)
I will forgive your rotten
Needs before I know
Your trails of dead and soaking wet cotton
It's a pain that you'll never know
[Verse 2: Alisa Xayalith]
We don't have to be modern
The honesty you've shown
The shame we've spread
The truth, it's common
By circumstance alone
There's no need to soften
I'll keep your lovely note
And let go of all these decisions
Remember what you know
You will never be alone

[Chorus] (2x)

Pain that you'll never know
It's a pain that you'll never know

[Verse 3: Alisa Xayalith]
And I'll love you through all the pain
I can love you through your heartache
Be tender, be gentle, no need to explain

[Verse 3 w/ Chorus] (5x)

The Naked And Famous

The Naked And Famous

The Naked and Famous are a New Zealand indie electronic band from Auckland, formed in 2007. The band consists of Alisa Xayalith (vocals, keyboards), Thom Powers (vocals, guitars), Aaron Short (keyboards), David Beadle (bass) and Jesse Wood (drums). The band have released two studio albums: Passive Me, Aggressive You (2010) and In Rolling Waves (2013). Since 2012, the band has been based in Los Angeles.

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