- Green Day
Released: 1997 Genres: Rock
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Lyric "Reject"

[Verse 1]
Who the hell are you to tell me
What I am and what's my master plan?
What makes you think that it includes you?
Self-righteous wealth, stop flattering yourself

So when the smoke clears here I am
Your reject all-American

Sucking up you social sect, making you a nervous wreck
To hell and back and hell again I've gone
You're not my type
Not my type

[Verse 2]
What's the difference between you and me?
I do what I want, and you do what you're told
So listen up and shut the hell up
It's no big deal and I'll see you in hell



Your reject all-American
Falling from grace, right on my face
To hell and back and hell again I've gone

Green Day

Green Day


Green Day is an American punk rock band formed in 1986 by vocalist/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong and bassist Mike Dirnt. For much of the group's career, the band has been a trio with drummer Tré Cool, who replaced former drummer John Kiffmeyer in 1990 prior to the recording of the band's second studio album, Kerplunk (1992). Guitarist Jason White has performed with the band as a session and touring member since 1999.