- Legendary Pink Dots
Released: 1997 Genres: Rock
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Lyric "Regression"

Go back eight years; you're sixteen... What do you see? What do you
Feel? A classroom..Yes..and what are they whispering? They're whispering
About you? Why? Laughing, no, no, go back eight years. You're eight,
Where are you? In your bedroom? Yes, in your bedroom. Shadows? Shadows
Touching you, your head forced to one side. Tell me about the black dog
And tell me ... no, no, go back eight years. What do you see? What do you
Feel? And you don't want the white light, why? Why? No, no, go back a
Hundred, two hundred...FIVE hundred years. What do you see? What do you
Feel? Your hands are tied, yes, and they're throwing things. Fire,
You're burning, you're burning. No, go back a thousand...A million
Years. What do you see? What do you feel? Nothing, nothing at all.
Tell me, is it better that way?

Legendary Pink Dots

Legendary Pink Dots

The Legendary Pink Dots (LPD) are an Anglo-Dutch experimental rock band formed in London in August 1980. In 1984 the band moved to Amsterdam, playing with rotating musicians and having, as core members, singer/songwriter/keyboardist Edward Ka-Spel and keyboardist Phil Knight. As of 2012, the group is composed of Edward Ka-Spel (vocals, keyboards, songwriter), Phil Knight (keyboards, electronics), Erik Drost (guitars) and Raymond Steeg (live sound engineer).