- Diary Of Dreams
Released: N/A Genres: Rock
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Lyric "Psycho-Logic"

Praise the sinner
Sin skinner
Delete my memory

My sanity never in control
Horror-fied, I hate my dreams at night
I wake up without identity
Awaking's killing me, I can't believe I'm breathing

I invented hate for you
I revocered from my pain
I'm back, please fear me
I'm back, please heal me

There's no one left to read your words
There's no one left to hear you talk
There's no one left to hear you cry
You knows the reason why

My mortal remains I'd trade my life for yours
I see your face in water, shimmering in the light
I hear voices speaking to me
They tell me what to do
I can't survive without you ...
Diary Of Dreams

Diary Of Dreams

Diary of Dreams is a German Darkwave band. The lead singer and founding member Adrian Hates has produced most of the albums by himself or with minimal help from others. He rarely uses a full band, except when on tour.