Pouring My Heart Out Again

- Golden Earring
Released: 2011 Genres: N/A
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Lyric "Pouring My Heart Out Again"

Another hour past midnight
Moonshine through the skylight
The bottle's empty and my mind is full
Of your ghost that keeps hauntin' this room
And I could spend all my life
Just sittin' here paralyzed
And I could spend all my life
Waitin' for you to materialize
Love was the only thing
I always felt for you
Bigger than anything
Baby I die for you
Hold me cause I think I'm falling
Like rain on a Monday morning
And when it rains I'm pourin'
My heart out again
I can't remember, I can't forget
I can't see 'cause my eyes are wet
The bottle's empty and it says: you fool
How many tears do I spill for you?
I could spend all my life
Just sittin' here paralyzed
I could spend all my life
Like a thorn of glass in your eye

Golden Earring

Golden Earring

Golden Earring is a Dutch rock band, founded in 1961 in The Hague as the Golden Earrings (the "s" was dropped in 1969). They achieved worldwide fame with their international hit songs "Radar Love" in 1973, which went to number one on the Dutch charts, reached the top ten in the UK and went to number thirteen on the US charts, "Twilight Zone" in 1982, and "When the Lady Smiles" in 1984. During their career they had nearly 30 top-ten singles on the Dutch charts; over the years they produced 25 studio albums.