Overnight Rider

- Lobo
Released: N/A Genres: Pop
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Lyric "Overnight Rider"
I left California crossed through Arizona
And the desert of New Mexico
Up through Colorado through the mountain shadows
With Denver on the radio
Out of Kansas City heading for St. Louis
Crossed the Mississippi today
I got tickets in my pocket
From flying like a rocket clear across the USA
Hear the wheels a hummin'
Baby I'm coming home
All I see is your face
Dancing in the headlights glow
I'm an overnight rider
Burining up the miles that are keeping us apart
I'm an overnight rider
Rolling down the highway to your heart
Halfway through Kentucky
Thought that I got lucky found someone to help me drive
She wake me in Atlanta said I'm home now thank you
Mister you're a heck of a guy
Crossed the Carolina's trying to make the time up
Smoking up ninety five
From Richmond to Philly the trip nearly killed me
Now I see the New York City lights


Roland Kent LaVoie, better known by the stage name Lobo (born July 31, 1943), is an American singer-songwriter who was successful in the early 1970s, scoring several U.S. Top 10 hits, including "Me and You and a Dog Named Boo", "I'd Love You to Want Me" and "Don't Expect Me to Be Your Friend".