- Little Daylight
Released: N/A Genres: Electronic / Dance
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Lyric "Overdose"
Deep in my heart there's a fire burning
I need you like a drug
Whoa-oh, you keep me wanting
Whoa-oh, I come undone

Nights with you like tunnel vision
Racing through the dark
Whoa-oh, heart beating faster
Whoa-oh, it tears me up

Ooh-ooh like an overdose
Ready let’s take it too far tonight
You’re my favorite high
Ooh-ooh like an overdose
Thinkin’ I'm crossing the line this time
Takin’ me for a ride

See your face in my reflection
Whisper more and more
Like a tiger in its chamber
Clawing lines into my door

Counting down until I see you
To get me through the day
Whoa-oh, I know I’m falling
Whoa-oh, gonna ride it anyway


A force like gravity takes a hold of me
Lost reality now
Drown myself in these hazy fever dreams
I don't wanna come down

[Chorus] x 2
Little Daylight

Little Daylight

Little Daylight is an American alternative pop group from Brooklyn, New York. Little Daylight was formed in the spring of 2012 by Nikki Taylor, Matt Lewkowicz, and Eric Zeiler. All three stayed at a friend's lake house and began working on remixes of songs from various artists such as The Neighbourhood, Passion Pit, Freelance Whales, and Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. The group took its name from the 1871 fairy tale Little Daylight written by George MacDonald and began their career by performing the remixes and their own material they penned while at the lake house.

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