Nothing Left To Make Me Want To Stay

- Sloan
Released: N/A Genres: Rock
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Lyric "Nothing Left To Make Me Want To Stay"
There are those who live their life
As if there is no other so, they
burn their bridges but they couldn't
Care any less.
Comes a time that catches up
they pay no matter,
Pack their bags,
And take off to another place to start
from scratch.
They never get attached.
Growing up was wall-to-wall excitement
But I don't recall another who could
Understand at all.
And I didn't try to find what I just had to fall
It's alright I've had it up to here with everyone and so I'll say...
that there's nothing left to make me want to stay
There are those that who live their life
Afraid of consequences so they learn to sit on fences

and they can't step on toes.
My heart goes out to those.
They're right under my nose.
Growing up was pretty dull,
I often times exaggerate
The ones I hate that I
Could never save.
And I realize of course that there will come a date,
That I will say...
That there's nothing left to make me want to stay,
But I can never go away.
That there's nothing left to make me want to stay,
And I will never go away.
And there's nothing left to make me want to stay,


Sloan is a Toronto-based rock/power pop quartet from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Throughout their nearly twenty-five-year career, Sloan has released 11 LPs, two EPs, a live album, a Greatest hits album and more than thirty singles. The band has received nine Juno Award nominations, winning one. The band is known for their sharing of songwriting from each member of the group and their unaltered line-up throughout their career. Their albums' success has made Sloan one of the most popular Canadian bands of all time.