Not What I Had In Mind

- George Jones
Released: 2007 Genres: Country
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Lyric "Not What I Had In Mind"

Just thought I'd have a little fun and paint the town
I always said someday I'll walk the line
But now she's gone and I'm the bluest guy around
And that's not exactly what I had in mind.

I thought that I could play the field and be a clown
I broke the heart that loves me anytimes
Yes, I know that I'm the biggest fool in town
And that's not exactly what I had in mind.

I didn't mean for thing to get so out of hand
I always meant to make it up in kind
But now she's gone, she hate the very sight of me
And that's not exactly what I had in mind.

--- Instrumental ---

I told myself, go play around you're young and free
To late I found that I was, oh so blind
I lost a love I never did deserve at all
But that's not exactly what I had in mind.

No, that's not exactly what I had in mind...

George Jones

George Jones

George Glenn Jones (September 12, 1931 – April 26, 2013) was an American musician, singer and songwriter who achieved international fame for his long list of hit records, including his most well known song "He Stopped Loving Her Today", as well as his distinctive voice and phrasing. For the last 20 years of his life, Jones was frequently referred to as the greatest living country singer. Country music scholar Bill C. Malone writes, "For the two or three minutes consumed by a song, Jones immerses himself so completely in its lyrics, and in the mood it conveys, that the listener…