Not Like This

- Stevie Hoang
Released: 2007 Genres: Pop
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Lyric "Not Like This"

Now listen baby
I know you say you've done it all before, but not like this

I know you heard a lot of things
From your friends
About the way i put it down
Girl you dont even have to front
Just come on by
And i'm gonna give you what you want

If you want me to break you off
I'll do it
If you want me to take it off
Come see me
If you want me to tear if off
Girl your wish is my command
Cause tonight we going all the way

We never made love before
Not like this
You never been done before
Not like this
Girl i'm going to show you the freaky way
I'll please you in every way
Your body's calling me right now
We gonna go there tonight
Dont be shy
We be hitting the spots tonight
Feel so right
You say had someone and you've done it all before
But not like this

Girl i see you wearing what i like
So come on in
And close the door
Now baby dont be shy
All them clothes take them off off off (take them off)
Your body's ready been
Been waiting so long

If you want me to break you off
I'll do it
If you want me to take it off
Come see me
If you want me to tear if up
Baby no one has to know
We about to start the show right now

Girl i'm about to show you all the goodies that i've got
Hope you brought your appietie for love
I serve a lot
So baby dont be shy
Girl i won't bite only if you ask me to
So get ready tonight
I'm giving you the ride of your life

(not like this)
You say it done it all before
(not like this)
But you never done it like
(not like this)
No no no no
(not like this)
You never done it like this
(not like this)
You say you it had it outdoor
(not like this)
But baby what about the floor
(not like this)
Ooohh ahhh
(not like this)
Yo listen baby
So you say it table, done it on the chair, had it every everywhere, but not like this
(not like this)
Not like this no no no
(not like this)

Stevie Hoang

Stevie Hoang

Stevie Hoang is a British singer and producer signed to Mercury Records and AVEX. He is best known for authoring "Fight for You", a hit single by him and Iyaz from his album Unsigned. The song became an international hit for Jason Derülo in 2011.