- Shyst Redd
Released: N/A Genres: Rap / Hip Hop
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Lyric "Migo"
Shyst Redd

Shyst Redd

A member of Young Scooter's Black Migo Gang, Charleston, South Carolina rapper Shyst Red began honing his lyrical skills at the age of 11, but a four-year stint in jail on an attempted murder charge almost derailed his career for good. Released from prison in 2006, Shyst had missed the birth of his first daughter, something that drove him to avoid the criminal life and recommit himself to hip-hop. Young Scooter's crew became fans, exposed their boss to Shyst's music, and in 2012 he officially joined Scooter's Black Migo Gang. The mixtape Shyst Thrax arrived in 2013, followed by the…

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