Love To Be Loved By You

- Marc Terenzi
Released: N/A Genres: Pop
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Lyric "Love To Be Loved By You"
I can't believe I'm standing here
Been waiting for so many years and
Today I found the queen to reign my heart.
You changed my life so patiently
And turned it into something good and real
I feel just like I felt in all my dreams
There are questions hard to answer, can't you see...

Baby, tell me how can I tell you
That I love you more than life?
Show me how can I show you
That I'm blinded by your light.
When you touch me, I can touch you
To find out the dream is true.

I love to be loved by you.

You're looking kinda scared right now,
You're waiting for the wedding vows.
But I don't know if my tongue's able to talk
Your beauty is just blinding me,
Like sunbeams on a summer stream
And I gotta close my eyes to protect me.
Can you take my hand and lead me from here please?



I love to be loved-
I need to be loved -
I love to be loved by you.

I know they're gonna say
Our love's not strong enough tO last forever.
And I know they're gonna say that we'll give up
Because of heavy weather.
But how can they understand
That our love is just heaven-sent,
We keep on going on and on
Cause this is where we both belong.


I love to be loved -
I need, yes I need to be loved -
I love to be loved by you.
Yes, I love to be loved by you.
Marc Terenzi

Marc Terenzi

Marc Eric Terenzi is an American pop singer formerly of the boy band Natural. He was married to German pop/soul singer Sarah Connor from 2005-2008. They have a son named Tyler and a daughter named Summer.

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