Lookin' At The Rain

- David Munyon
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Lyric "Lookin' At The Rain"

(David Munyon / S.P. Standley / Rick Hardtke)

Song for the U.S. Army Veterans of the Vietnam War, 1967

...this is a song, we were working at The Stage Deli in Nashville, well, Dixie, i.e., S.P. Standley was working, I was playing music there for tips with Gene Gillespie and Rick Hardtke, our friend was washing dishes there and someone told everyone to get back to work, and Rick said „I'm just lookin' at the rain“, Rick is a great guy and a U.S. Air Force Veteran... we wrote this song for all The Veterans from all Branches of Services... that maybe everyone would continue to work for Peace... despite the changes and the times...

You walked back from the mini-mart said „why the long face“
Squinted up your eyes tried to make me laugh, too late
I was off in another world where time won't erase
Just sittin' here looking at the rain

We met in a bar, while on leave on the coast
You were wearing your class A's with that issue wool coat
Your saucer cap, was titled back on your head
Just sittin' there looking at the rain

Almost made touch down, didn't we
Almost won the game
Waiting the whole life
For another chace again

I met you hiking on U.S. 92
I was stepping oft cause I kinda lost my shoes
And all of those cars and trucks looking at us too
Both of us standing there whistling the Blues

Remember that cafe, on the islands of Crete
The manager chased us all the way down the street
Said we were surely welcomed, then you fell in love
Spent the rest of the midnight lookin' up above

You quit reading papers in 1972
Why read about it there'S nothing I can do
We never did hear of the Sergeant Major the change
We were kinda lost there,
Lookin' at the rain

David Munyon: vocal, guitar
Chris Jones: guitar, dobro
Hans-Jörg Maucksch: bass
David Munyon

David Munyon

David Jumper Munyon (born August 19, 1952 in Newport, Rhode Iceland) is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist.