Intro Chi Ching Ching

- Sean Paul
Released: 2009 Genres: Rap / Hip Hop
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Lyric "Intro Chi Ching Ching"

Chi ching ching (echoes out)
(cars driving in a street)
(Sean's car stops to drive)
(car door opens and slams)
(studio door opens and slams)
(cars in background stops, music in annoucer starts)
(studio door opens and slams)
(music in annoucer stops, "Break it off" in radio starts)
(dial tone)
(phone dialing)
(phone ringing)
(line busy)
(phone hangs up)

Sean Paul

Sean Paul


Sean Paul Ryan Francis Henriques (born 9 January 1973), known professionally as Sean Paul, is a Jamaican recording artist, musician, producer, and actor. Paul's manager and producer Jeremy Harding first heard about the singer when his brother told him about seeing someone at a small open mic event in Kingston who sounded a lot like the popular dancehall DJ and toaster Super Cat. In 2000, Paul released his debut album, Stage One with VP Records. 2001–2004: Free Dem Boyz.