Released: 1998 Genres: Rock
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Lyric "Inside"

I was told the pain and hunger was not my fault
How could they be so wrong?
And man, of all five billion people you're only one
Believed them for far too long

Clean hands
My land is my home

I'm inside the big machine and it's eating me
And I am just a wheel in motion, too blind to see
The way we are heading now

I'm hollow
I swallow, but

Inside I'm strong
Inside I'm free
Inside I'm young
Inside I'm still me

(Since 1990 there have been 93 wars in 70 states all around the world
With 5.5 million people dead
75% of those people were civilians
1 million of them were children)

Guns don't kill
I don't kill
Do I?

Drink with me, laugh with me, friends for tonight
Stay with me, sleep with me, happy tonight
I only feel lonely outside this bar
Look at me when I speak
Who do you think you are?

Just look at me now
Inside I'm lost

Now I'm vain, numb this pain
Why is it burning?
Clean as rain, not a stain
So why am I yearning?

I can't sleep
I twist and turn
In too deep
I sweat, I burn
I'm afraid that I'll awake
Dressed up in a big mistake
Then I'd break

What if I just closed my eyes? (I'm not clean)
What if I shut out the lies? (Blood unseen)
And what if I could hear my heart (All over my hands)
Accusing me for taking part
Of the Machine

Pain of Salvation

Pain of Salvation

Pain of Salvation is a Swedish progressive rock/metal band led by Daniel Gildenlöw, who is the band's main songwriter, lyricist, guitarist, and vocalist. Pain of Salvation's sound is characterised by riff-oriented guitar work, a broad vocal range, oscillation between heavy and calm passages, syncopation, and polyrhythms. Thus far, every album released by the band has been a concept album