If You Want a Bad Boy

- Brantley Gilbert
Released: 2014 Genres: Country
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Lyric "If You Want a Bad Boy"

[Verse 1]
I'm sure you've heard my reputation it's all over this small town
But there's a little bit of fire under all that smoke
You know how word gets around
Back in the day you were a straight A student
Daddy's little girl, honey what are you doing
Talking about letting your hair down
We'll take a ride on the wild side of town

If you want a bad boy then baby you got it
Got a bad toy sitting in the parking lot
Take you to the wrong side of the tracks
Baby you ain't going to want to come back
Because I'm a free bird and damn proud of it
You're a sweet girl, are you sure you want to ride with me?
Going to raise some hell, going to make some noise
If you want a bad boy
Want a bad boy

[Verse 2]
Well I'll be out by your driveway when your mom and dad lay down
You can climb on out that window babe
And we'll get on out of town
I'll call up all my rowdy friends
We'll throw down where the dirt road ends
I'll have you back before the rooster crows
Girl, your mom and daddy ain't got to know


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Girl, you know you want a bad boy

Brantley Gilbert

Brantley Gilbert

Brantley Keith Gilbert is an American country music singer, songwriter and record producer from Jefferson, Georgia.