I Wish It Would Rain

- Rodney Crowell
Released: 2001 Genres: Country
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Lyric "I Wish It Would Rain"

Turning tricks on Sunset
Twenty bucks a pop
Some out of town ol' businessman or an undercover cop
I'm living with the virus flowing way down in my veins
Oh oh, I wish it would rain

I know you've heard my story
Or seen me on the street
Just another cracker gigolo
Dressed up like trick or treat

Now you may want to judge me
Or treat me with disdain
Oh oh, I wish it would rain

Memphis, Texas, Houston, Tennessee
Man I'm just so turned around
I don't know where I want to be
This California desert is driving me insane
Oh, I wish it would rain

So I've squandered my resistance
Taking any kind of drug
Oh I'd smoke or shoot or eat it, I'd drink it from a jug
And I offer no excuses for your sympathies to gain
Oh oh, I wish it would rain

Everybody knows me as the kid
I've made it seven years and still I don't know how I did
I come from a long line of live and love in vain
Oh, I wish it would rain

Well I've prayed to Mother Mary
I've even seen a priest
When the angels come to get me
I know I'll be released
I'll leave this mean ol' desert bound for Memphis on that train
Oh oh, I wish it would rain
Oh oh, I wish it would rain

Rodney Crowell

Rodney Crowell

Rodney Crowell (born August 7, 1950) is an American musician, known primarily for his work as a singer and songwriter in country music. Crowell has had five number one singles on Hot Country Songs, all from his 1988 album Diamonds & Dirt. He has also written songs and produced for other artists