I Can't Stand The Rain

- Sara K
Released: 2006 Genres: N/A
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Lyric "I Can't Stand The Rain"

Chris loved Lowell George's songs. You could say he identified with the man. I used to sing it with a band caned "Sara K. and the boys without sleep", we decided to combine treatments of it here. Thus, big bertha and the pride of sunnyland. I don't know -just came out that way
I can't stand the rain against my window
Bringing back sweet memories
That window pain, do you remember how sweet it used to be
When we were together and everything was so grand
Now that we parted, I just can't stand it
Can't stand the rain on my window
Bringing back sweet memories
Can't stand the rain against my window
Coz he's not here with me
On that pillow where his head used to lay
I know you got some sweet memories
But like that window, you got nothing to say
Can't stand the rain, what it be sayin
All that peace and harmony
Get off my window
Bringin back sweet memories....

Sara K

Sara K

Sara K. (full name Sara Katherine Wooldridge) is an American singer-songwriter based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her music includes genres like blues, folk as well as jazz. She has released audiophile albums and played a custom 4-(bass)-string acoustic guitar. She withdrew from the music business in 2009.