Hey Whatever

- Westlife
Released: 2003 Genres: Pop, Electronic / Dance
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Lyric "Hey Whatever"

Bryan: Well I can't control the universe

Cause I'm only a man

And I may read the papers

But it won't tell me who I am

Shane: And if you really need a new philosophy

Well there's one that makes sense

The one I profess...I say

Chorus: Hey whatever

Let your beauty come alive

Let your colour fill the sky

And say whatever

Why don't you liberate your mind

Let your colour fill the sky

Shane: All the world's a waiting room

And we're all standing in line

For the answer to the question

"What makes me smile?"

Mark: Don't let them change your story

Won't let them change your song

Don't let the gurus and philosophers lead you on



Mark: It's like taking a seat at the roulette table

And just spinning the wheel

And good or bad you take what comes

It don't change how you feel

If you're a champion of science

Or are you're just some freak show fool

What cannot be proved, no no

Can still be true...and I say

Chorus x 2


Hey whatever



Westlife were an Irish boy band, formed in July 1998 and disbanded in June 2012. Originally signed by Simon Cowell and managed by Louis Walsh, the group's final line-up consisted of Nicky Byrne, Kian Egan, Mark Feehily, and Shane Filan. Brian McFadden was a member from July 1998 until his departure in March 2004.