Hear My Heart

- Andy Mineo
Released: N/A Genres: Rap / Hip Hop
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Lyric "Hear My Heart"
It's kinda crazy, it's kinda crazy that your name is Grace
Your name is Grace
Cause that's what I need, that's what I need right now in this crazy place
It's crazy, crazy, crazy
It's not that I did somethin', it's the fact that I didn't
And I'm so ashamed it took twenty-five years just to get it
Cause people made fun, and I just laughed with 'em
But that was me as a child
I just pray you forgive me

Hear my heart beat, hear my heart beat
Hear my heart

I remember your son graduation
That's when I met your friends
And they was all havin' conversation
But they was sayin' stuff that I couldn't understand
Then all of a sudden it felt like, I understood something I missed my whole life
For the first time I was wearin' your shoes
For the first time I was hearin' your views
I never knew how complicated life is when you feel so isolated
And I know we don't speak much
Cause when talking got hard all I ever did was throw the peace up
My big sister Grace, I'm sorry I never learned to sign
And even though you were born deaf
I pray you forgive me for the years I lived blind


Sometimes, sometimes these words aren't enough
So let me show you, let me show you
Sometimes, sometimes these words aren't enough
So let me show you, let me show you
It's kinda crazy

Andy Mineo

Andy Mineo

Andrew Aaron Mineo, formerly known as C-Lite, is an American Christian hip hop artist, producer, and TV and music video director from New York City. He is currently signed to Reach Records and in addition to his solo work is a member of that label's hip hop collective 116 Clique.

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