- Susan Wong
Released: 2007 Genres: Audiophile
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Lyric "Goodnight"

How does the time sleep by so fast
Why can’t we once stand still
For us this night will always last
With every breath until
And if you find you’re all alone
Remember we have wings
As long as ever you’re said to breathe
And music left, and song
We know that in a darkest night
A torch has just begun

So you think of me, I think of you
Together we’ll take fly
We shall never say goodbye
We only say goodnight
For, we shall never say goodbye
We only say goodnight.

Susan Wong

Susan Wong

Susan Wong is a Hong Kong English language singer. She was born in Hong Kong, and immigrated to Sydney, Australia with her family at the age of seven. Musically inclined from a young age, she learned to play the piano at age five and later she also learned the violin. At Kambala in Sydney, she sang alto in the choir and appeared in the school dramas (Gilbert & Sullivan & the like) and entered a number of piano competitions. She received an associate diploma (ATCL) in piano from Trinity College London.