Give Me Your Body

- Lime
Released: 1983 Genres: Electronic / Dance
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Lyric "Give Me Your Body"

(Denis LePage, Denyse Lepage)

Hey, are you lonesome?
All alone?
Are you looking for someone
To call your own?

Hey, little honey
Don't be shy
Give me your body
I'll give you mine

I, I've never loved before
And I've been waiting for
There's no one close to you
You're the one that I adore
I need you more and more
Baby, come close to me

(Instrumental Break)

Hey, pretty blue eyes
Your heart is owned

By a nice intuition
I call my own

(Repeat Pre-Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)
(Keyboard Solo)

(Repeat First Verse)

(Repeat Pre-Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)
(Instrumental Break)

(Repeat Second Verse)

(Repeat Pre-Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)



Lime was a Canadian synth music outfit from Montreal, Quebec. The group was composed of husband and wife Denis and Denyse LePage. Very early in their career, the group released an instrumental 12" single vinyl record called "The Break" under the name Kat Mandu. The single was successful and peaked at number three on the disco chart.[2] Singer Denyse also wrote and sang on the record "Dancin' the Night Away" by Voggue. In between the Kat Mandu project, the LePages also helped produced and arranged music for numerous studio projects, notably for acts signed to Prelude Records. Lime released their…