Get In Line

- Barenaked Ladies
Released: 2001 Genres: Rock
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Lyric "Get In Line"

[Verse 1]
Everywhere I go someone's trying to be my girlfriend's best friend
I'm tryin' to pretend I'm relaxed but I'm playin' castonettes with my knees
I try to be cool and give her space but a guy's always there ready to jump right up and take my place
Everyone in this room seems to want to make a big fool outta me

Everybody open your mouth
Everybody just say ah (ah ah ah ah)
Everything will be alright if you play along

[Verse 2]
Everywhere I go there's someone in a trench coat staring at me
And when I'm not at home I'm sure someone's rummaging through my trash
What ever could they want from me?
Is it just a part of a giant government conspiracy?
I gotta go see my doctor about this itchy pentagram shaped rash

Everybody open your mouth
Everybody just say ah
Everything'll be alright, this won't hurt at all
Everybody get in line
Everybody turn and cough
Everything'll be alright if you just lay off

[Verse 3]
Dictate a memo to myself
Tryin' to finally find the only one in complete health
Consult contemporaries if there are some to see
There really isn't anyone who's in my lane
Every night at a lane, someone thinks they've got a find beyond me
I try to take three deep breaths as I walk up to my minivan
Everyone says I'm lookin' great but it's hard to stand up let alone to try to concentrate
I wish that everyone that I knew hadn't sold out to the man


Barenaked Ladies

Barenaked Ladies

One of Canada's most successful exports since the early '90s, a melodic pop band pairing strong harmonies and clever lyrics.