- Fashawn
Released: N/A Genres: Rap / Hip Hop
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Lyric "F.T.W."
[Verse 1]
All of these compliments
Only boosting my confidence
As I sit in astonishment
Wondering where my conscience went
Empty words in your promises
Karma's the only consequence
They got me caught up in all kinds of shit
Got me caught up in this life of sin
I can't pretend like I ain't lie
Let's tell the truth


Santiago Leyva (born October 19, 1988), known by his stage name Fashawn, is an American hip hop recording artist from Fresno, California. He first gained major attention after releasing his debut album Boy Meets World in 2009, which was produced entirely by Exile. The album received critical acclaim and landed him on the cover of XXL Magazine's Top 10 Freshmen issue in 2010.

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